We are three girls with distinct looks and a shared love for fashion. The blog’s title (Chiffon, Lace & Leather) reflects each of our unique outlooks on style.

Chiffon, a gauzy, lightweight fabric, perfectly captures Abena’s ultra girly, simplistic sense of style.

Lace, which evokes images of negligees and sultry cocktail dresses, is fitting for Kristina’s focus on sex appeal.

Leather, tough and sometimes distressed, represents Ama’s love for vintage pieces and her slight edginess.

This blog will feature posts dealing with fashion, trends, beauty, and style. If you’re a bargain hunter, be sure to check out our “Champagne Taste, Beer Budget” posts. If you need fashion inspiration and want to know how you can fully utilize the items in your closet, we’ll each be putting our unique spin on articles of clothing resulting in one item with three distinct looks!

Thanks for visiting us! Enjoy!

Abena: Chiffon_Abena@chiffonlaceleather.com
Kristina: Lace_Kristina@chiffonlaceleather.com
Ama: Leather_Ama@chiffonlaceleather.com

In general, we can all be reached at…
info@chiffonlaceleather.com OR


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